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Simple surveys for your restaurant

Improve your business with your
customers' private feedback

Start now, it's free! 

Why use Keweno?

Make your business grow

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Keweno helps you identify problems and turn them into opportunities.

Building trust

91% of clients put greater trust in companies that value their opinion.  Keweno helps you 
gain their loyalty.

Easy to use

With Keweno you can have a survey ready in minutes, so you can focus on what really matters: your clients.
“Keweno allows us to get to know our customers better and be more efficient during the whole process in a more time and cost effective way.”
Ana Rivera
Market Research Director at Foster’s Hollywood

How does it work?

Create a survey

Setup your survey in 4 easy steps, choosing the questions you want to ask and  personalising it with your

Make it visible

Show your clients that you care about their opinion using a   predesigned flyer template or using your own display.

Your clients respond

Your clients scan a QR code or insert a link in their smartphone, and respond in less than 30 seconds.

Receive their opinion

Obtain the results in real-time, accessing the Keweno dashboard as well as via email.
“Thanks to Keweno we can obtain feedback from our guests in our points of sale, and if necessary we can act before the end of their stay at our hotel.”
Sara Ranghi
Global Customer Experience Director at Meliá Hotels International

Who uses Keweno?

More than 9000 restaurants trust Keweno to improve their business.

“Keweno is helping me compare my clients' level of satisfaction in different locations. Additionally, it allows me to know in real time when something is going wrong and to find a solution straight away.”
Eduardo Sancho
Managing Partner at Barra de Pintxos

30 days free trial, no attachments

Basic Plan

per venue
  • Make surveys of up to 6 questions
  • Get your customers' opinions in your e-mail
  • Reply to you customer's opinons
  • Weekly summary with your results
Try it free 30 days

Pro Plan

the best seller!
per venue
  • All the Basic Plan features
  • Create your own questions
  • Get your customer's e-mail addresses
  • Export your results to Excel
  • Let your employees access the dashboard
Try it free 30 days

Premium Plan

Contact us
to know more
  • All the Pro Plan features
  • Premium technical support by e-mail and phone
  • Customized reportst according your needs
  • Quarterly report of the restaurant industry
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“Keweno allows me to improve my restaurant on a daily basis, quickly identifying any problem that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.”
Mario Aguilar
Owner of Shintai Nippon Deli

What the press is saying about us

Gone are the times when you had to fill out a long and tedious feedback form to evaluate the service provided.
Keweno helps establish a close relationship with the client and their loyalty. It has been very well received, now present in 35 countries.
Keweno allows you to know the user's opinion in a fast, immediate and easy way, and without the intervention of intermediaries.
Today it is crucial to know your clients' feedback, and nothing is as effective as collecting their opinion while they are in the establishment itself. This is what Keweno offers.
Keweno allows you to get your clients' opinion easily, anonymously and in only 30 seconds.
“With Keweno I can manage my clients' opinions in private and resolve specific issues  away from social media and review websites, protecting the reputation of my restaurant.”
Manfred Berbel
Owner of Stuttgart Bierhaus